Three engaging indie pop tunes

Pall Brim – “Victory”
-The vocal harmonies on this song are really intriguing to me. Something about it feels both old fashioned and brand new at the same time. The energy of the track feels like it’s going to motivate you to take an adventure. There’s a polish on the mix that makes it feel a bit like a soundtrack. It’s definitely a style I’ve not heard much before, but I like it.

Tennis Club – “Dear Friend”
-No matter how many acoustic singer songwriters you’ve heard in your life, you’re not going to be ready for the beautiful polish of this sound from Tennis Club. The vocal drips with authenticity. The production is absolutely stellar on this one, allowing the lead vocal and main lyrics to take center stage. If you’ve ever written (or received) a breakup letter, this song will resonate deeply. This is probably the best heartache song I’ve heard in all of 2020.

Moon Lagoon – “Sweating Sweetest Love”
-If you are a fan of pop-flavored Americana music, you’ll love Moon Lagoon’s latest track. There’s a toe-tapping joyfulness here, but also a lonesome and soul-touching slide guitar. When the full sound is taken together, there’s something that truly stands out in the indie pop scene. This is one of those bands that I didn’t know about, but am really glad to have found this delightful new song.

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