Three Americana tunes to connect you to your roots

Juniper – “Sticking with my Henry”
-This is an adorable throwback style. I have never really heard someone in the 21st century emulating the classic 20th century teen hop style quite like this. I can’t help but think of people like Brenda Lee when I listen to this. It’s like a connection of the past with the twee pop artists that are making music today. Honestly I liked the song from the start, but the electric guitar solo really won me over. This is just a delight all around.

Suitcase Sam – “Friday Afternoon”
-If you are a fan of throwback country music, you’ll find a lot to like with Suitcase Sam. The slide guitar is a really good detail added into this track. The lead vocal feels vintage and the overall composition really hits a classic sound. You could picture these cats playing a honky tonk in the late 40s without much trouble. What a sound!

Great Peacock – “All I ever do”
-When it comes to Americana, there are a million ways to make the genre. This one reminds me a little of the Ryan Adams and Jason Isbell versions of the genre. More rock than country, more country than folk, and more attitude than you know what to do with! The lyrics are based in romance, but the energy of the piece is based in a stark sense of loss. It’s got a powerful slide guitar and a convincingly lead vocal. Fans of Ryan Adams are going to want to put Great Peacock in heavy rotation.

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