Three new rock tracks to amp up the weekend

Laik – “Every word”
-There’s a certain pop rock energy that gets a “yes” from me every time. Laik seem to have tapped into that energy here. It’s a little bit late 90s alt rock, a little bit killer harmonies, and overall just this feeling that connects within my soul. I’ve always been a fan of the Matt Thiessen style lyricism from Relient K’s music, so when Laik write long expressive lines in a similar vein, I can’t help but be excited. This song focuses on a conversation but with this larger examination about the nature of relationships; it hits me emotionally quite hard.

Yukon Blonde – “Get Precious”
-There’s a funky, psychedelic, delicious style to this song from Yukon Blonde. If you’re a fan of a wide range of rock music, you’ll find a lot to like in this clever track. The production effects are out of this world amazing. Honestly, “Get Precious” has the perfect balance of experimental newness with iconic throwbacks to another era. The performance is flawless from vocals to instrumentation. It’s an experience and one that I… um… highly recommend.

Sonofold – “Atom man”
-“I’ve lived with the knowledge of death.” Well, well, aren’t we off to an optimistic start. Given everything that 2020 has had to offer, some might not want to reflect on existential questions, but let me just say you should certainly consider it with Sonofold. This track has a deep, reflective sense about what it means to be alive. The layered vocals and rising rock guitars make for a song that transcends so many of the simple traditions of the rock genre. The chords and the chorus of this song put it in my personal collection; I am such a fan of the truly unique work happening in this track.

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