Three new Americana tracks to get you through the week

Emi Meyer – “Nashville Lullaby”
-For some reason this song reminds me of the late John Prine. It’s got a bit of charm and a simple declaration of love. There are some really creative lines and a delightfully expressive melody. Meyer’s style feels quintessentially Americana. It’s a really fascinating genre blending style that truly stands out in a unique time in music. If you’ve ever been to or loved Nashville, give this a spin.

A. Johanson – “October, Halfway July”
-There’s a really engaging energy to A. Johanson’s version of Americana music. Of course if you listen closely, Johanson is not in fact Americana. I suppose this is more accurately Scandanaviana. That said, the easy going folk guitar and relaxing lead vocal comes together for a wonderful sound. You’ll feel good about putting this one on a folk or Americana playlist. It’s got a lot of positive vibes to it.

Kate Vogel – “New Mexico Sunrise”
-This track is emotional. From first listen, I could feel there’s a lot of spiritual depth to this song. It’s about the loss of a loved one. The expressive, poetic lyric work on this song is really wonderful. It’s the kind of song you can feel as much as you hear it. Vogel’s songwriting has been on our radar for a long time, but the emotional depth of this is on another level. It’s beautifully sad.

Image courtesy: Emi Meyer IG

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