Three more tracks for your midweek playlist

Max RM – “Little bird”
-The easy going acoustic energy of this track is really satisfying. The vocal harmonies on the chorus will put a smile on your face. The unexpected slide guitar on the instrumental break made this one go from good to great for me. The subtle vocal style works perfectly in the balance. If you’re a producer, listen extra close to the quality on this track.

Oscar Leone – “Lion”
-If you miss listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes from a year back, give Oscar Leone a spin. There’s an absolutely energizing style from Leone’s music that you need in your life. Everything from the folk rock melody to the quality of the group vocal on the chorus works together. I definitely get a charge out of the energy on this track and think you will too. Tap those toes, fam.

Albert Jones – “On our feet again”
-Jones has an admirably folk guitar style here. I can’t help but keep listening to the relaxing energy of this track. The pickin’ is so good but comes across as simple and easy. What the artist is doing here is not easy in any way. Even the easy going vocal style feels natural but is incredibly difficult to deliver lyrics like this. I appreciate the optimistic message in the lyrics. I won’t surmise what it’s about, but I hope Jones is right on this one.

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