Three more Americana tracks for your midweek

Adrian Ebeltoft – “The Last Grain”
-If you like agricultural storylines and haunting traditional string Americana music, you’ll like this song a lot. I find Ebeltoft’s vocal style to be very comforting. The melody is a tad unconventional in a good way. It harkens more to old fashioned Scotch-Irish music more so than modern folk music to my ear. That said, the overall mix works really well and will have you in deep contemplation listening to this.

Jon Hoskins and Andrew Jordan – “Champagne and BBQ”
-This is one of those slightly irreverant folk songs that kind of pokes fun at folk music. The lyrics are really good and worth your attention. I appreciate the narrative style. It’s about getting away with someone you love. What makes the song stand out for me so much is the meandering chord changes. It feels like a timeless track that could have come from Woody Guthrie’s songbook, yet has modern fresh lyrics as well. I dig it.

Mona Lisa Tribe – “Seconds”
-These harmonies tho. I didn’t know how much I needed the music of Mona Lisa Tribe this year until I found them. There’s a magnetism in their compositions and harmonies that you’ll not hear anywhere else. This one has a magical alchemy of gospel goodness (with an organ!) and some type of crazy cool soul. It’s unique, energetic, and will have you singing along in no time… especially if you have ever dated someone who was no good for you. This is a lot of fun and fantastically entertaining.

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