Three indie folk tracks that win us over this mid July

The Mesa – “Keeping company”
-There’s a nice chill energy to this track from The Mesa. The full band production is really good on this one. The easy going lyrics fit the rest of the track really well. The track shows attention to folk rock music from many different eras. It’s a good time.

Chlsy – “Cowboy”
-There’s a definitely a Kacey Musgraves thing going on here with Chlsy. The attitude in the lyrics here drips from the first note of the song. The overall mood is from those old outlaw country days in the best way possible. It’s a brooding, sad song overall. But what I love about this song is that the vocal cuts through the sound like a knife; it’s morbidly fascinating, like a classic country song ought to do.

Max Bello – “Kings and Queens”
-There’s a unique energy to Bello’s fingerpicking that makes it stand out for me for sure. The expressive lyrical and vocal qualities help the song stand out in a crowded folk scene. It’s an engaging track overall with this inherent charm in the lyrics about caring and nurturing for someone. If you’ve ever wanted a sort of fairytale dreaminess in a folk song about eternal love, this is your jam. It’s a sweet song for certain.

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