Three indie rock jams to get you moving this weekend

Sister Castle Theater – “My house”
-There’s a throwback energy to this track that really works for me. Something about the piano feels like Billy Joel to me. The overall mix is really fun and puts a smile on my face. The unconventional vocal mix and harmonies definitely make it stand out in a crowded indie rock scene right now.

Josh Del – “Better days”
-This is a powerful track that hits in a divisive political time. The message of having seen “better days” is true for all of us right now. I appreciate the soulful vocal that meets an older style melodic energy. There’s a vibe to Del’s writing that’s sure to catch the attention of a lot of listeners. At the end of the day, though, it’s the soulful vocal and straightforward lyricism that will get this one stuck in your head.

Castells – “Viola”
-The pop rock energy from Castells is infectious! I really get a charge out of this rich sonic mix. The guitars are layered and have that powerful resonance that we’ve come to expect in up tempo modern rock. The lyrics are not always easy to follow, the lead vocal has a nice even keeled energy to it. The combination of chill expressions on the verses with soaring vocal moments on the chorus parallels beautifully with the guitars. The energy, as I said, is infectious. You’ll find yourself coming back to this one on your rock playlist, trust me!

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