Three indie folk tunes you didn’t know you needed (but you do)

Riley Catherall – “Leave me out to dry”
-Catherall has an Americana vibe that continues to stand out for us in the folk scene. The acoustic guitar provides the heart of the piece, but the lonesomeness in the vocal really pops for us on this one. The accents from the electric guitar create a real warmth in the composition. The lyrics, though, are what will have you listening to this one over and over. With a little glimpse of a Rayland Baxter-style new Americana energy, Catherall is a rapidly rising star in the indie folk scene.

Matthew Bell – “Lose myself to you”
-The acoustic work from Matthew Bell is expressive and engaging from the start. We’d be totally okay with just listening to his acoustic instrumentals, but then the vocal enters the track with an effect that we don’t hear very often. It’s got this delightful layering that creates depth that, frankly, my ears were not expecting. The horns enter for an interlude that perfectly breaks up the composition. By the time the lyrics enter for the second half of the song, there’s an almost cinematic and climactic moment; this is a carefully produced song with a considerable amount of heart and depth.

Wyoming – “Ease my mind”
-If you’re looking for some folk rock music to add to your playlist, I invite you to explore this track from Wyoming. It’s got a real toe-tapping energy to it. What I love about the lyrics is the way they connect with the anxiety and difficulties of our global moment. It’s almost a prayer, asking for a sense of peace in the midst of chaos. I like the how the subtle harmonies nestle the lead into the the track. Throw it on a playlist and I bet you’ll never skip it; it’s an easy going track with a slice of hope.

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