Three acoustic folk songs to soothe your weary bones

Mo Kenny – “You belong to me” (Patsy Cline cover)
-We rarely feature covers on our site, so you know when we do it’s really good. I was blown away by the simply beauty of this cover. Mo Kenny has a truly unique style that breathes new life into this classic. If you’re like me, you’ve heard the tune many times but didn’t have a version that really clicked for you. This one is going to stick with me; it’s meaningful, personable, and flat out charming. I like it a lot.

Baseball Game – “See you tomorrow”
-I adore this tune. The relaxed acoustic work in the opening is absolutely lovely. The layered electronic elements do a great job of accenting the song rather than detracting from the acoustic core. There’s a hopefulness in the lyrics that really stand out for me. The overall song is really good, a quintessential example of the “new folk” sound of the 21st century.

Joshua Hyslop – “Let it rain”
-We’ve been on the Hyslop hype train for years. It’s easy to hear why; he’s really good with expressive, emotional folk music. This new track “Let it rain” is a perfect addition to Hyslop’s delightfully expanding discography. Each line comes across with poetic sincerity. The genre convention here is folk, but it crosses into a lot of other areas as well. I still don’t understand why this couldn’t top the charts in pop country radio. It should.

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