Three acoustic singer songwriters for your midweek

Cameron Douglas – “Running short”
-The acoustic style of Cameron Douglas is exceptionally charming. Everything from the guitar work to the vocal show a polished sound. There are all sorts of artists to compare here (like Cat Stevens, for example), but Douglas certainly deserves to stand on his own merits. The thoughtful lyrics work well with this timeless instrumentation. This piece could have been released in the mid-60s and would have had just as much meaningful resonance as it does today. I dig it.

Genevieve Dawson – “Carry it slowly”
-There’s an intimacy to Dawson’s recording style here that makes me physically sit up in my seat and “lean in.” I can’t really explain it, but I have had this response with each listen. Like I’ve written in the past, Dawson’s beautiful voice is reminiscent of what we all fell in love with Joni Mitchell so many years ago. I could listen to Dawson’s soothing voice and relaxing guitar work for hours. Maybe I will.

Black Match – “Nowhere”
-I want to coin a new term for this big production style folk music. It’s surely not the same kind of “folk” we mean when we talk about Dylan and other traditional folksters. At the same time, this is not folk rock. This is a new subgenre and it needs a name. Black Match have contributed a beautiful new song with driving, atmospheric rock elements and brilliant acoustic guitar work. The vocal style, though, is what defines this “folk at its heart” sound. It’s an inspiring sound with a bold and expressive message. Enjoy!

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