Three pop rock tracks to energize your week

Jared Marc – “We’re gonna make it”
-I love the enthusiasm of this track! It’s such an exciting track with a brilliant chord progression and energizing group vocals. The beat keeps the track moving, with that “hey let’s all jump on the two and the four” energy. The optimistic, perseverant lyrics are absolutely perfect for us all in this difficult global situation. Living in a global pandemic, we all need this “we’re gonna make it” message. It’s true, even if it’s difficult for a bit longer.

Harpers – “By and by”
-If you’re looking for a genre-blending, exciting sound you should check out Harpers. I can’t help but make connections to 60s and 70s rock music here. But beyond that, I love the way the effect on the guitar gives it that rich texture and the piano sounds like it’s been in grandma’s basement a few years too many… but in a good way! I personally connect with the richness of this sound. I plan on putting this one on some personal playlists for the foreseeable future. As the kids say, this one slaps.

Lisa Heller – “Wings”
-This track starts off with more of an atmospheric, relaxed style. Stick with it. The song really picks off… one might even say it “takes flight.” I appreciate the electro pop energy of this track that keeps itself quite subtle and engaging. Heller’s songwriting has this ability to get deep down into your being; it’s a perfect match of lyrical sensbility and melodic structure. I can’t be sure, but the lyrics seem to be a story of redemption, of seeking to save someone. Heller’s writing and vocal style are such a gift here.

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