Three moving neoclassical pieces for your soul

Paul-Marie Barbier – “Melancolia”
-In a year with a lot of melancholy, this piece resonated with me from first listen. I don’t know all the technical terms for what is happening in the piece, but the pacing and unconventional melody struck me as powerful immediately. The recording is sparse with the solo piano and that works perfectly for the ethos and lonely power of the piece. There are no words, but the message connects with me deep down.

Kendra Logozar – “Hummingbird”
-When I first received this submission I thought maybe I should pass because we’ve covered a lot of Logozar’s music this year. But it’s so good. I really like the way each line rolls so gently into the next. The sense of movement is palpable, which I suppose is perfect for a song about a hummingbird. There’s a grace and beauty to this piece that hits close to my soul. I hope it blesses you as well.

Andrew Sloman – “Le Reve”
-This is a gorgeous piece of music. The timing is perfect and the way the melody goes up and down the scale feels beautifully hypnotic. Between each of those lines there’s this other melody that feels like a music box, soft and gentle in its own right. I really admire a piece like this with its energy and immediately calming sensibility. This one is perfect for a neoclassical playlist or any instrumental list intended to engage your mind.

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