Three new folk tunes to get your attention

The Old Ghost Folk – “Sunrunner”
-There’s a gritty, rooted Americana vibe to this song that pulled me in right away. That’s the thing that separates a decent song from a good one for me is the ability to make it truly stand out. The guitar work is good, but the vocal feels weathered and weary. It sounds like the kind of track that would be used on a TV show with a mysterious leading man.

Old Sea Brigade and Luke Sital-Singh – “Summertime low”
-If you’ve been around ETTG any length of time, you know we’ve supported Sital-Singh’s music several times. Combined with the folk chops of Old Sea Brigade was a perfect match for us. Adding in this message about a particularly reflective summer… well, I had to say yes to this one. In fact, I immediately shared it with an old friend. The combination of the group vocal on the chorus and the emotional jumble feels like everything we’re going through right now.

Aaron Espe – “Take you home”
-There’s a haunting beauty in the tenor tones of Aaron Espe’s voice. Something about the tenderness of this style absolutely stands out for me in a crowded folk scene. The production has a pop-like polish to it, even though the song still has a grounded folk reality to it. The sincerity in the lyrics are matched beautifully with some soaring string work in the background. This makes for a beautiful, balanced modern folk piece.

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