Three brand new Americana tunes for your all-American weekend

Sail West – “Old Cemetery Road”
-The easy going acoustic style here really pulls the listener into the song. The narrative style about taking a journey back in time is perfectly Americana. The lead vocal on this track is really impressive. It takes some unique twists and turns, but the vocal never loses its strength or pitch. It’s incredibly difficult to pull off a minimalist Americana tune like this, but Sail West do it really well. I could put this on our Americana list for the next few years and it would never get skipped once. Beautiful.

Mona Lisa Tribe – “Fly”
-Sorry I didn’t start writing when I clicked play because I was busy adding this song to the SONG OF THE YEAR list. The harmonies oh my GOODNESS GRACIOUS. I don’t like to be one of those overly emotional reviewers who is like “oh my gosh I love this” but… seriously I love this so much. The harmonies are glorious, the message is so inspiring and absolutely SO NEEDED right now. I am inspired by this track. Period. The End. I love it.

Megan Bee – “Waiting on the wind”
-If you’re looking for a down home, old time Americana sound, this song is perfect for you. Megan Bee has a tone and style that feels as old as the mountains. The vocal has all the right cracks in all the right places. But more than that, the lyrics on this song feel vintage too. This is the kind of music a lot of folks wish was on the country music station. It’s more country than anything in the Nashville Top 40 has put out in years.

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