Three engaging new indie folk tunes

Kilo Bravo – “Only love”
-I like this song for all the reasons you might imagine – I like the way it sounds, I like the message, and I like the gruff aesthetic that gives it a distinctive form. It’s the kind of song that won’t soar to the top 40 but absolutely deserves your attention and ear. There’s a kind of Steve Earle genuineness to it. Genre conventions be damned as Kilo Bravo takes truthtelling in music to the next level.

Sean Waters and the Sunrise Genius – “Flexibility Blues”
-There’s an energy to this song that feels both traditional and modern. The core of the song is this reflective lyrical element that will connect with a lot of listeners. But the feel good style, especially with some well-placed vocal harmony highlights, make this inherently blues song move from sad to moving. It’s worth a shot, friends.

The Sea the Sea – “A Thousand Years”
-If you’ve been following my folk columns this year, you’ve seen The Sea the Sea already. It’s such an engaging style. The guitar work provides the basis while the vocals steal the show. It’s an inherently rich, rewarding listening experience. Something about this song feels rooted in the past, almost ancestral in origin. It’s not a yeehaw singalong song, but it still feels like something you want to be a part of. Whether it’s tapping my foot or humming a harmony, I can’t help but want to be a PART of what The Sea The Sea are doing on this song. It’s… intriguing and inviting.

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