Three new singer songwriters to help you mellow out this weekend

Coyote Island – “Here before”
-This is a jam right here. Shut your trap and calm your fears. Pour a drink. Find a chair. Whatever you like to do to chill out… but whatever it is, play this track. The beat is saucy, the vocal is chill, and the total composition is MOOD my friends. Even the guitar break got me making faces I didn’t know I could make. From chair dancing to sly romancing, Coyote Island’s “Here before” is the perfect jam for summer 2020.

Sanjana – “Water, I’ll grow”
-Agricultural metaphors always reap a generous harvest. You know what I mean? Anyways, Sanjana is a delightfully engaging singer songwriter. I particularly enjoy the tasteful vibrato on her high notes. The wise yet rooted lyrics do a nice job of flowering into a peaceful melody. The full composition blossoms nicely into a pop-powered expression of deeply personal emotions.

Ollie Wade – “Hero”
-Stop what you are doing and listen to this song. I don’t mean put it on in the background while you work. I mean really LISTEN to this song. The lyrics are incredibly moving and relatable. If you’ve ever had a person in your life who you loved despite acknowledging them being broken and having made mistakes, this will resonate with you. It’s an incredibly engaging acoustic pop song that reminds me of the American singer songwriter Edwin McCain.

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