Three indie folk tunes for a smile-filled day

Hollow Coves – “Evermore”
-There’s something mysterious about this song that makes me want to listen close. It reminds me of a fantasy novel for some reason. There are these hidden corridors full of mysterious creatures. Lyrically it is a love song, but the atmospheric work behind the guitars allows the vocals to nestle into the mix perfectly. As someone who married his best friend (and college sweetheart), this track is infinitely relatable.

WILD – “Nothing that I wouldn’t do”
-I don’t know if I said this last time I covered WILD, but they really have an energy that I find infectiously enjoyable. The vocal harmonies are exceptionally well done. But what makes this band so much fun is when we get to the hand clap happy chorus. It makes me dream of a day when there’s no more quarantine and we can all have fun at a live festival and clap together. The lyrics are optimistic and motivating. This one just feels SO GOOD.

Deer Fellow – “Each night”
-The contemplative folk style of Deer Fellow shows that the genre is not all about jangly banjo music. This is an artful style with strings and excellent vocals. The poetic lyrics move this song from good to great in my book. I’d really like to play a song like this for Paul Simon and see what he’d say about it. The fusion of 60s folk elements with modern classical composition and recording techniques makes for a wonderful sound. For some reason I think this one will resonate with fans of Fleet Foxes.

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