Three endearing neoclassical pieces

Andy Feldman – “Byzantium”
-If you’re looking for “more of the same” in neoclassical, Feldman’s not your pick. This is an intriguing, unique chord progression and melody on this piece. It seems to bring together different musical traditions all in a seemingly simple song. All of those triplet flourishes are a beautiful garnish on an engaging melody. I really enjoy this one.

Billy Lockett – “Together at home”
-The phrasing in this piece from Billy Lockett is unlike anything I’ve heard before. It’s not just that he offers thoughtful pauses for the listener. It’s like the opening of the piece is a friend trying to order their thoughts before they tell you something meaningful. I can’t help but feel like the piece brings together some of the tension and passion of life into this magical combination. It’s not all one thing or the other; life is a mashup of emotions and this piece reflects that well.

Waiting Space – “Cocoon”
-If mesmerizing piano is what you like with neoclassical, you should add Waiting Space to your list. If you stick around for a bit some atmospheric synth work comes in to help develop the sound. The full experience is cinematic and engaging. I don’t always approve tracks like this one, but this hit me deep down. Something about this quarantine feels like a cocoon, so hopefully we’ll all be more free and more beautiful on the other end.

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