Three neoclassical pieces for sentimental reflection

Kendra Logozar – “Moonrise”
-We’ve been covering a lot of Logozar’s compositions lately. If you click play on this one you’ll hear why. The articulation and phrasing of Logozar’s playing continues to be some of the best we’ve heard. The way the piano feels like a conversational voice just feels right. I don’t know exactly the image of the moonlight that informed Logozar’s composition here, but I feel the sense of mystery and wonder in each carefully written line. I adore this piece.

Ben See – “In times like these”
-I broke two rules to cover this song; first of all, I never include songs with vocals in my neoclassical coverage. Second, I have been purposely trying to stay away from “current events” themed song in the past few months. But here we are. I’m so happy to support all of the talented and amazing folks in this composition from Ben See. The lyrics cut right to the heart of what it means to love one another in isolation. The harmonies are delightful. The whole production is definitely worth enjoying (and sharing)! Reach out to a friend with this one, for sure.

Remi Solati – “Misti”
-Something about the opening chords of this piece reminds me of my younger years. It’s a little bit bluesy, a little bit jazzy, and a lot of delightful energy. I appreciate that the song doesn’t seem to be in any hurry. There’s a careful phrasing that makes the song feel like you should lean in and listen carefully. As the dynamics pick up and the song gets a bit more punch behind it, the colorful composition style stands out in the neoclassical world.

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