Three tracks from Mark Pelli, Jonathan Wyndham, and John King Cave

Mark Pelli – “She’s got what I need”
-This track is considered neosoul and we’re happy to cover it. The energy of the piece is rooted in love, of course. But the longing from the vocalist really pulls the listener in. If you’ve ever loved (and even craved) someone, this song is sure to connect with you. It’s a really good modern soul tune.

Jonathan Wyndham – “Thunder and Rain”
-If you are a fan of the brokenhearted blues, then Wyndham’s new song is for you. The track uses an electric guitar with careful phrasing to lay out the lyrical theme. Once the rest of the band joins in, the song really takes off with a nice blues swing and some fantastic vocals in the background. This one feels like the ache of a sincere heart. It works for me.

John King Cave – “Sing a song”
-The relaxed acoustic work on this song is really appealing to me. The recording style allows Cave’s vocal to stand out from the crowd. If you’re a fan of literary lyrics and a careful, expressive style then you’ll really love what John King Cave is doing here. His vocal moves from solid baritone to delicate falsetto with ease. This one really wins me over.

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