Three emerging songwriters

Grace Gillespie – “HUH”
-If you’re a fan of old school folk music like Joni Mitchell and that era, Gillespie’s latest track “HUH” will appeal to you. It’s about acknowledging what you know deep down inside and how you should live your life. The engaging organ work does a nice job of creating vintage textures. The phrasing has that punctuated, energetic folk rock style that we don’t hear enough of these days.

Krissy – “Time”
-The guitar work on this piece is glorious. It immediately set my heart at ease the first time I listened to it. The whispered quality of the vocal creates an intimacy between vocalist and listener. I could honestly listen to the guitar alone, but the vocal is a nice touch. The melody feels familiar and the whole production is a winner.

S. T. Manville – “Best I can do”
-The layered vocals on the melody of this track really pull in the listener. In a world where it seems like even folk can be overproduced, this song does a really nice job of expressing a poetic lyrical sensibility with calm, engaging melodic style. The guitar provides a solid base to the song while the clear vocal lines express the main voice’s “best effort.” If you’ve ever experienced a break up (or maybe grief?), this song will connect deeply.

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