A variety playlist for a new week

Kaeley Jade – “Bittersweet”
-If you’re looking for an enjoyable singer songwriter with an honest sound, give Kaeley Jade a spin. The sound is equal parts Americana and modern country, in a morphed style that will make fans of Kacey Musgraves proud. We tend not to support much commercial country around here, but this track has just enough of that “something special” from smalltown America that we had to support this one. What do you all think?

Jonny Glenn – “Don’t wanna let you down”
-The tag on this track is commercial and it lives up to that reputation. We don’t cover much of this genre, so when we do it’s because it’s really good. The hopefulness in the lyrics are something we want to be supporting. That said, it’s also a really nice “easy listening” style of track. This one could have some mass radio appeal if it can get traction. Let’s help Jonny get his music out there. Don’t let him down!

Charlie Wilde – “Antithesis”
-This is an incredibly thoughtful, thought-provoking piece of music. It’s not even a song so much as an artful piece. It reminds of listening to a piece of visual art. Wilde’s carefully crafted lines feel like they come from a place of deep desperation and sincerity. It’s a stunning, engaging style that we rarely hear. The crackling honesty of Wilde’s voice is sure to make a range of fans from the Fleet Foxes era of folk music.

Pedro Casas – “Truth”
-The acoustic energy from Pedro Casas all leads to his sincere vocal style. The expressive lyrical style will cause listeners to take pause and pay attention. What I like, though, is that you can also enjoy this song on in the background just as much. It’s perfect for an acoustic or coffeehouse playlist to share with friends.

KidEyes – “Dancing in the Dark” (Cover)
-Springsteen is one of those artists that sort of blends together all of the genres that makes ETTG what we are. When someone decides to cover a Springsteen song, it can be very hit or miss for us. But this one in particular was quite interesting. KidEyes have a nice fusion of rock and electronic elements for something different. It’s not for the purests, but we enjoyed a unique spin on a classic.

The Blues and Greys – “Mayday”
-I really found myself falling for this song. The atmospheric style is definitely interesting. The sense of space in the mix does something for me. I feel so small, listening to what feels like an echoing and eternal sound. I enjoy the energy of the piece with a combination of guitar-driven rock with atmospheric vocal-driven moments. I wasn’t expecting this one to hit me like it did, but I became a fan on first listen. Give it a spin if you like early Coldplay and similar pop-tinged atmospheric rock groups.

Old Sea Brigade and Luke Sital Singh – “Call Me When You Land”
-I appreciate the easy going energy of this track. There’s a real clarity in the mix of this track that we rarely hear. The bits of space between the vocal elements really does a nice job of making the song stand out. Then the vocals come in and convey a thoughtful, relatable message. If you’ve ever looked forward to connecting with someone and improving yourself, this song will resonate. It’s a fantastic brand folk rock music that we don’t hear often enough.

Delv – “Wildfire”
-Sometimes I think I make the Joni Mitchell comparison too often. Then I listen to Delv and realize that there are just some people who need to be compared to Joni Mitchell. The relaxed folk energy of this track and the absolutely stunning vocal work together for something truly remarkable. We listen to hundreds of folk artists literally every week and Delv is a definitive, stand out folk artist. This piece is hauntingly beautiful.

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