Amazing feel-good indie pop to brighten your weekend vibes

Stacey – “Far Away”
-This is such an amazing vibey track, honestly. It’s got some retro energy to the production, especially with the effect on the vocal. But overall the message, “but it’s alright today” is really cool. It’s got a hopeful energy about being far away from the trials of yesterday. I just love the glowing energy on the chorus with layered vocals and some retro 70s TV show soundtrack action. It’s a really unexpected track and I’m so glad we found it.

Lucia and the Best Boys – “Let Go”
-There’s an easy going energy in the opening of this track that immediately stood out for me in a crowded indie pop scene. The lead vocal has this raspy quality that really works well. When the lead vocal blends with the background singers and overall energy of the track, something about it feels very Fleetwood Mac to me. The vibes on this one put me in a warm and fuzzy place. I dig it.

Peach Luffe – “Fairytale”
-I was totally taken aback by this submission in a good way. I don’t know what I expected to hear, but the chromatic chord changes were really a treat and caught my attention. The more I listened, the more fascinated I was with the story that unfolded. I’ll not speculate on what the lyrics might originally mean, but from my interpretation it’s about not being afraid that what you have really IS a dream come true. It’s okay for things to be great and to work out with someone. It’s indie, it’s poppy, and it’ll put a smile on your face.

Maggie Gently – “Alive”
-In my years of covering indie music, I’ve been in some venues. You know the ones. Maggie Gently has a punk-influenced sound that demands that it be played in those rough and tumble venues. Gently crafts fascinating lyrics about conflict and heartache, but also about having the resilience to move on. What I love about this composition is that it’s gritty but also can be understood and followed. Gently cares enough about her message to make sure you can hear it. I dig it.

Night Cap – “Do Travel”
-This might be one of the most versatile tracks I’ve written about all year. It’s a little bit indie pop, a little bit retro pop, and a whole lot of amazing. Honestly I love the horns on this track as much as anything, which is saying something because the lead vocal is ABSOLUTE FIRE! I am blown away by how good Night Cap are. I’m putting them on a short list of artists to watch in 2020. Your mind and soul are taking the road less travelled by. Clever, meaningful, and stands out from the crowd. I dig it.

Joe Nix – “Yikes”
-When I clicked play on this track, I smiled within 10 seconds. That’s always a good sign. It reminded me a little of that Kid Cudi song that charted a while back. It’s got a chill vibe to the beat with some intriguing lyrical energy to it. The whole combination makes for a song that you’ve literally never heard before. I could see this charting on pop charts if it gets a chance. Any sing-a-long vibe with relatable lyrics and a good beat like this absolutely has a shot. Let’s call and request this one, fam.

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