A mid-week rock playlist

The Criticals – “Under your nose”
-We typically don’t feature music with a blatant drug lyrics, but this one seems to depict it in an unfavorable light. Rather than glorifying how great drugs are, this one shows how it essentially ruins the user’s life. But we’re featuring it here because the energetic rock style feels like a BIG TIME rock band. I’d love to hear a band like the Criticals get a shot to go become a huge success. They have the quality.

Arms Akimbo – “Ellenda”
-We covereed Arms Akimbo a few years ago, but I was really excited to see them in our submissions again. I love this style of rock music with a powerful lead vocal and some killer harmonies. Honestly, the balance of the sound has a powerful melody, plenty of dynamics, and a vibe that feels really comfortable to me. If you’re a fan of good mid-90s alt rock music, you’ll probably dig Arms Akimbo. They are the embodiment of indie rock music for me, so I am spinning this one with a smile.

OZWALD – “Manzanita”
-The harmonies in Ozwald’s music continues to impress me. From the first moment I pressed play on this track, I was inspired by the energy and composition style. It’s got a timeless rock energy that I wish would chart again. This is the kind of thing I want in my ears all the time, to be honest. The lyrics are about a break up, saying goodbye forever. While that is a sad moment, the song’s upbeat style points toward moving on. “I hope you found what you’re searching for.” Amen.

Animal Waves – “In the ground”
-This is a little bit of a heartbreak song, definitely a breakup song, and also a strangely “feel good” beat. It’s about being abandoned but gritting your teeth to get through it. I enjoy the quality on the lead vocal from Animal Waves. There’s an expressive rock energy on this track that just feels good deep inside. The bluesy core meets the optimistic “how could you do this to me?” moving on sensibility. I feel like this would be popular on a jukebox at a bar. Throw one back and say “hell yeah, bruther” to this one.

Charli Adams – “Superpowers”
-In the opening, the song doesn’t necessarily feel like a conventional rock tune. But stick with it, trust me on this one. Just allow yourself to be charmed by Adams’ unique vocal style. Do you feel that energy? It’s so mesmerizing. “This spring is bringing me down.” What a relatable lyric! But there’s somehow hope in the guitar and vocal mix on this track. There’s a fascinating obsession with existentialism here that’s sure to inspire a lot of listeners to dig deeper into philosophy. I dig that.

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