Throw up your rock fist! A few punk-influenced rock jams to get you moving

A Festival, A Parade – “Big Screen TV”
-I definitely dig the distortion on the guitars on this track. It’s an intense, up tempo style that almost defies genre description. The clean guitar lines on one guitar with the fuzzed-out other guitar balances out perfectly for me. In an age of so much “orange glow” watching screens, this track seems to resonate deeply. I love the nostalgic sound connected to nostalgic lyrics.

Martyr for Madison – “A Better Place”
-If you miss the vocals from bands like Blink 182 that seem to have inexplicably left the pop charts in recent years, give Martyr for Madison a spin. It’s so nice to hear that there are still bands out there who can throw down a power chord and harmony-scream their lyrics. This is a sound that will probably garner a lot of comps for listeners, but to me I’m just glad to hear that pop punk has a serious rising band in Martyr for Madison. I could listen to this all day, honestly.

The Prom Knights – “Big League Chew”
-The vocals on this track are absolutely amazing. They remind me a bit of All-American Rejects, who I loved back in the day. It’s nice to hear this sound coming back a little bit with these bands. I hope to hear a lot more of this. I appreciate the mix on this track which has nice full guitars, big vocal harmonies, and meaningful lyrics that cut right through despite the BIG sound. This is definitely an infectious style of pop punk and I want more!

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