Relaxing neoclassical compositions for May 2020

Teodor Wolgers- “The theme song”
-It’s hard to explain to people what I mean by “neoclassical” because there are so many ways to take that term. Yes it must be “new” and it must have measures of “classical” to it, but what we’re looking for is particular style and sound. Wolgers captures this evocative, peaceful, engaging minimalist piano style perfectly. The lines don’t repeat; they develop. The melody is rich, familiar, but evolving. The dexterity and expressive nature of the piano playing is like a voice in and of itself. I love this piece.

Music Within – “Saudade”
-Take a deep breath and inhale the vibrations of this song. Gosh, I can’t even write that without feeling like a thousand eyes are going to mock me for saying it. But honestly, there’s something spiritual about this piece of music and I hope you can feel it too. It’s almost like a piano mantra with repeated phrases that develop on each other. It’s like it was inspired from nature and delivered to us with these carefully crafted melodies. Have you ever been somewhere spiritual and had someone remind you to get your feet “grounded” before trying to leave? This song reminds me of that… it will take you for a journey where you might just feel like you’re floating away.

YuMe – “Balloon”
-You can’t be in a hurry with neoclassical music. You have to take it slowly, intentionally, with great care and compassion. “Balloon” is the kind of piece that highlights why I say that. Each line is a slight variation on the others near it. I love the jazz-like improvisational feel of neoclassical. I’m not sure if this is about a balloon flight or a balloon release; I don’t know the story here, but I feel a sense of calm from the light and endearing piano work.

Michael Logozar – “Water”
-Logozar’s music is special. I don’t say that as a trite comment either; he’s got the gift of being able to express deep feeling in his writing. This piece stood out to me in a long line of neoclassical submissions for its ability to communicate something serene. In a time with so much uncertainty, it was a relief to feel this sense of calm. Maybe nature, such as the water, is a way that we can all find ourselves grounded with something timeless.

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