Freshen up your playlists with these colorful new tracks

Dagny – “Somebody”
-This is 100% commercial pop music that will wake you up like a cup of coffee in the morning. It’s super energetic with an electro beat that drives the song, but it’s Dagny’s vocal style that really steals the show. I love how the delicate harmonies on the verse leads into a soaring pop sound on the verses. In a world with so much hateful, curse-filled music on the radio, it’s nice to have a good, hopeful, love-filled message about falling in love. Dig this energy from Dagny!

Patrick Sylvester – “Let go”
-Sylvester makes the kind of acoustic folk music that is why I started blogging. It’s engaging, clear, and causes the listener to breath a deep sigh of relief. This track flat out makes me feel better listening to it. If you need a bit of an encouragement to let go of things you can’t control (like, you know, *gestures around the world*), then this song will hit you as deeply as it hit me.

Alex Porat – “Happy for you”
-So I just spent the last listen of this song sharing with some friends and dancing in my chair… so there’s that. Now that I’m actually sitting down to properly write about the song I’m at a loss for words. The production is AMAZING on this song. The chorus is absoutely magical. I don’t know what to call this genre or style, but the way the lyrics capture lyrics that we’ve ALL felt, the groove that makes you want to move, and this overall emotional style… ahhh it’s so good!

Corella – “Puppets”
-This up tempo indie rock track is sure to put a smile on a lot of faces. The sound is a mashup of 80s and more modern influences. I appreciate that the track has such a high production value and layers of guitars, percussion, and vocals. It’s a nice full sound that’s what modern rock is all about for me. I bet it would sound amazing live! The UK is lucky to have these talented rockers.

Conor Scott – “Overthinking”
-If the introspective singer songwriter thing is what you like, give Conor Scott a spin. But if you’re more into a chill singer songwriter that’s easy going to have on in the background, you might still like Scott. The groove and composition goes down really smooth on this one. I appreciate the way the full sound on the chorus sets it apart from the verses, but the full track meets that “radio ready” standard. I’d love to see this one take off.

Andrew Word – “You’re not alone”
-I appreciate the relaxed, acoustic style here from Andrew Word. This is perfect if you’re putting together an easy going singer songwriter playlist. It’s more a poem with a guitar in the background than anything else, but we’re totally okay with that. The message that you are NOT ALONE is so important for this time of social isolation. We’re here with you and we’re extremely thankful to Andew Word for writing this.

Brady Beard – “Good as gold”
-The technical genre for this song is probably indie folk, but I would venture to guess that anyone reading these words would like this song. It’s got an easy to follow style that draws you right in. The alliterative title works perfectly for the concept throughout the song. The vocal is rich, driving the narrative. The background is as delightfully folk rock as I’ve heard in 2020. I dig this and will be watching for Brady Beard in the future.

John Ciambriello – “It all begins”
-The genre tag for this song is “folky contemporary” and I’ll buy that. It’s definitely the kind of folk music made popular by bands like the Lumineers or even Mumford and Sons. There’s a polish on this track that might not work for the old timey purist listeners, but it certainly is a nice bridge between our folk coverage and our pop coverage. Ciambriello’s vocal, especially on the verses, sounds really crisp. I’d be interested in hearing more from him with less production; I bet he’s got a really good solo sound. But until then I’m happy to tap my foot along to this upbeat commercial folk sound. Put it on your coffeeshop playlist and sip away.

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