Get your groove back – a rock and soul list

Phillip-Michael Scales – “Find a way”
-If you think they don’t make music like they used to, give Phillip-Michael Scales a spin. The production on this track is stellar. Scales has an incredible vocal style that takes the lead on a groove-heavy, fun track about perseverance. If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time (hmm?), this is the kind of music that will get you moving and thinking hopefully about finding a way to survive. It’s fantastic!

Alex Gibson – “Feel something”
-Soulful vocals, a moving beat, and a rich sense of lyrical meaning — oh yeah, this is a potential hit from pop rock sensation Alex Gibson. I appreciate the high quality of production on this tune. Everything’s crispy from the melody down to the baseline. I really hope this one gets a chance to meet a mass audience because I could see it really taking off. Gibson is on my short list of pop rockers to watch in the coming years.

Bible Belt – “Clear blue sky”
-I dig the plaintive expression of this song from Bible Belt. The sense of hope expressed in his “baby” is really sweet. That’s an overly simple compliment for the song, but it’s what it is. The vocal comes across as honest and expressive. The melody is a treat and the lyrics are honest. I can’t ask for much more out of an easy going folk rock tune.

High Tropics – “Scars”
-The groove is a little delayed on this one, but I encourage you to wait until it kicks in. The soaring vocal steals the show, but close your eyes gently and listen to that bass line. Doo doobie doo. You hear it? So good. So clean. The ringing guitars and the killer lead vocal make for a really solid overall track. This is what indie rock music is all about for me. I could listen to a track like this for DAYS y’all. Killin’ it.

Dylan Pratt – “Painter’s hands”
-The first comp I thought of when I first heard Dylan Pratt was Matthew Logan Vasquez. That’s pretty decent company, I’d say. There’s an Americana rock energy to Pratt’s composition here that’s sure to resonate with a lot of folks. The lead electric guitar seems to capture the soul of the thing, but the highlighting electric guitar and the lead vocal also do a great job. The lyrics are a bit quizzical at times, but the mysterious ethos of the whole song makes it stand out in a crowded Americana rock scene right now.

Waking Bear – “Bigfoot”
-You probably didn’t know you needed a song about Bigfoot in your life, but trust me you did. More specifically, you needed this idiosyncratic and quirky tune that anthropomorphizes a legendary mythological creature. I think I approved this song in about 15 seconds. Honestly it’s everything you’ve never realized you wanted in a song about this fascinating beast-man. Give it a spin and crack a smile.

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