Once you indie pop you can’t stop, you can’t stop

Surf Rock is Dead – “Immaculate”
-The glowing energy of this track almost defies genre, but then I look up the definition of indie pop in the Official Guide of Genres (which of course CANNOT even exist), and realize that this track is perfect. It’s got that pop energy in the mix, especially on the chorus, and an overall style that actually shines. I didn’t know a sound could “shine” like a sun ray, but this song actually has that energy. I just feel better listening to it.

Hymner ft Shel Bee – “Running from daylight”
-This is a love song. It’s about being with someone you love and not caring about responsibilities. Writing to you from that suburban dad life, I can honestly say this feels about as foreign as humanly possible. It feels really good from the core of my being; the thought of just being with someone you love and letting the world sail on by. What it lacks in lyrical depths it makes up for in being exactly what millions of people want to be doing right… that is to say it’s a beautiful dream. Also the production is stunning and the song makes me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy.

Moody Mourad – “Leave me alone”
-The groove on this track is going to make some people happy. The lyrics are snappy and tailored for a very specific situation. But I love the articulation in the production that makes individual elements stand out on their own. That little guitar riff on the chorus feels just right. The entire composition comes from a place that feels like the real deal. We all know those people who just blame others and don’t help themselves; this is an anthem for them.

Fergusons – “The Big Connector”
-Let’s freaking GO with this track! It’s got a powerful and exciting energy to it. I really appreciate the mix on this one, especially with the synth layers that make it feel like an action movie in some places. But then there are these vibe out sections that are sure to put you in a good head space, even if you can’t always follow the lyrics. One of my favorite (sneaky good) parts of the track are the little bass walkdowns. They give the track additional texture on the bottom end that allows the synths to soar. This makes me hype.

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