Introducing: Fern Maddie, roots and Americana

Fern Maddie – “Low and lonesome”
-Years ago, when my friend and I started this website it was for one purpose; we wanted to tell other people about remarkable music. Fern Maddie makes the kind of spine-tingling, salt-of-the-earth, magic-in-string-vibration music that will stop you in your tracks. Mother Maybelle and Ralph Peer would recognize this music. It’s deep, earthy, and sincere. And if you can’t relate to these lyrics in our current situation — just hang on a few more months and you might be feeling it in your core.

Fern Maddie – “North Branch River”
-The combination of killer string work and a sincere Americana vocal make Fern Maddie one of my favorite finds of 2020. This is the kind of music that fills my soul with meaning. I’ve canoed down the kind of rivers that this song is about; and I’ve (by grace) experienced the kind of love the artist sings about here. This about as quintessentially timeless as a song can possibly be. This would be true in 1920 and it will still be true in 2120. It’s transcendently human and I love it.

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