These are some pretty things to help you in this not-so-pretty reality

Teddy Chipouras – “Younger Days”
-I’ve done a lot of reflecting on things in the past few days, as I imagine a lot of you have as well. Here we sit in isolation, listening to music or watching shows, reflecting on who we are and what might happen. This track, with its beautiful guitar work and excellent production, will have you thinking about the ones who “ran away.” The lyric “full of hope but so naive” hits me right between the eyes. This is captivating.

Patrick Sylvester and Ian Pitts – “The Ghost”
-The style is a vibey, electric-guitar dominated sound. It kind of mixes elements of 60s rock with a more modern (mid 90s?) energy. The combination is one that feels perfectly enjoyable and allows the lyrics to pierce right through. I definitely appreciate this one because it is familiar and brand new, all at once.

The Bull Brothers – “Too much of a good thing”
-I appreciate the chilled out blues energy here. When it comes to Americana and blues, the Bull Brothers have a good thing going here. I appreciate the clever playfulness in the lyrics with a serious vocal tone. The juxtaposition feels just right for the song. If you haven’t heard any good “new blues” lately, spin this one.

Magdalena Bay – “Story”
-Electro pop is one of the most difficult genres for me to pin down when it comes to what I consistently like. This. This is what I like. It’s creative, open, airy, energetic, and feels a bit… dynamic? It makes me want to dance with someone I like A LOT. Honestly it reminds me of my younger days, feeling flirtatious and full of fun. I wish I could be young again, listening to this with old friends. Magical days, ya know?

John Tsenoli – “Long Road”
-“It’s the long road that leads us home.” Isn’t that the truth? I really appreciate the energy of this song. There’s a feeling of “we’re in it together” that really resonates with me on this track. I love the group vocal on the choruses that makes me feel a part of something much larger. Whether you hear this in a religious context or merely the “human experience” the fact remains “we’re stronger together.” I love the enthusiasm and quality in the vocal from John Tsenoli. How inspiring!

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