Three moving neoclassical pieces to add to your collection

Lars Jakob Rudjord – “Night sky”
-Rudjord’s playing style is very emotional. You can hear in each line that he’s expressing something personal. This is part of what I love about neoclassical as a genre overall. This piece will have you taking a nice deep sigh of relief, perhaps imaging a mid-summer night looking up at the stars.

Jacco Wynia – “Fleur fevrier”
-Before this piece, I had never heard the name Jacco Wynia. I immediately realized he is someone I should know. I guarantee that you’ve never heard this melody before. It is truly evocative, going in new directions yet feeling delightfully familiar. Wynia’s vision and grace on the keys commands that the listener take notice. There’s something different about his work — in a good way. Take a listen.

Joseph Nimoh – “The sun will shine again”
-If you are looking for a relaxing neoclassical piece, Joseph Nimoh has created that right here. The optimism is evident in “The sun will shine again.” It’s about helping people get through the dark times in life. The energy in the keys abounds, going from one thought to the next with a kind of bounce that we rarely hear in neoclassical music. It’s energetic yet relaxing all at once. Add it to your collection and you won’t be disappointed.

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