Singer songwriter playlist to start the week off right

Harrison Storm – “Be slow”
-We’ve covered Storm’s introspective writing style in the past. The composition is full, allowing the listener to ease into the composition like a part of the performance. The message of encouragement in love is really wonderful and a rare breath of fresh air in music right now.

Glenn Echo – “Moon seems lost”
-The delicate acoustic work on this track is wonderful. I am drawn to the way the melody lines seemingly dance together here. Echo’s songwriting style has shades of the 60s with folks like Jackson Browne, while at the same time carving out a modern energy akin to Dylan Leblanc. Echo has a signiature style and it’s a joy to hear him play.

mik – “Company”
-This track is so good I struggled with which category to put it in. Is it folk? Certainly. Is it also great singer songwriter fare? Absolutely. But what I like most is that there are no weak points in it. There’s nothing that makes me say the artist “should have.” I love the solo vocal elements, the plunking acoustic work, and the beautiful harmonies. It’s just… a dream.

Edward Doyle – “Sometimes”
-If you’re thinking this name is familiar, it’s because I just covered Doyle’s music last week. So why again? Well, listen. He’s so good! He’s so pure. The guitar work is subtle, but speaks volumes. The gentle vocal style is perfect for a playlist in the background or to listen closely. The poetic lyrics are lovely for a date night. It’s really good.

Clara Swan – “Empty space”
-The acoustic guitar work creates a lot of energy in the track. The vocal over the top has incredible production behind it, cutting through the mix. I appreciate the pop energy here. It’s got the soul of a folk song with the energy of a top 40 pop song. The introspective breakup depression lyrics hit pretty close to home. Swan is bold for writing such a moving song.

Kate Vogel – “Glad its you”
-We’ve been covering Vogel’s music the past few months. The easy going style allows Vogel’s incredible vocal to shine through. I appreciate the recording style that makes the voice feel so close. It’s an endearing lyrical style that makes the whole thing feel familiar and friendly. Within minutes, the listener feels like they already know Vogel. What a charming style.

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