A right lovely rock playlist

Wes Chiller – “Drift Away”
-If drifting away is something that interests you, this is a good soundtrack for it. The overall vibe is definitely relaxed, with this lyrically complex sensibility about independence. If you’ve ever felt like just melting away and finding some freedom elsewhere, this will resonate. The cool electric guitars in the background are mint. I’d vibe out to just the instrumental on this track, to be fair.

Calum Jones – “One for the road”
-If you’re a fan of folks like David Ramirez and Matthew Mayfield, who we cover here, then you’ll dig Calum Jones. The blues rock energy is rich, feeling like it comes from a century’s worth of angst and pain. Jones sings with a maturity that betrays his youthful appearance. The overall mix on the track is pro quality and ready for the big time.

Second to Safety – “To be beautiful”
-I’ll put a disclosure here — I know these guys.
-Regardless of this disclosure, I freaking love this song. There are primarily two reasons for this. The energetic guitars are fantastic, bringing forth images of pop punk. But then the vocal work is at another level from Second to Safety’s previous work. The run on the chorus with the four part harmony is absolutely magical and will have you singing along. The fact that all of this is done with a lyric like “just wanted to be part of something bigger than me” is amazing. In a world that feels dystopian almost on the daily, this is a message that deserves to be wildly shared. No spoiler, but you have to stay through the bridge and hear the ending. It leaves me wanting more EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Sammy Brue – “Teenage Mayhem”
-We’ve been covering Sammy Brue pretty much from the day we found him. The raw bluesy style he brings to his rock mixes is rare in music today, but we dig it. The energy here is almost grunge, which takes Brue in a slightly different direction. But anyone who either is a teenager or works with them knows that mayhem is never far away. I definitely dig the angsty yet energetic vibe of this track.

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