Some Unexpected Heat For Your Cold, Snowy Weekend.

It’s cold and snowy here in the “Nation’s Capital,” so here are some of the best tracks this week to warm you up!

Archie Faulks – “What For”

This was my first time hearing Archie Faulks and I’m so happy I got to do so. He’s got this effortless swag to his vibe and sound of his voice, but the musicality is gloriously executed, too. (With some unexpected little gems added in the latter part of the song.) The chorus is all the feels and love and sadness and loveliness and all the other words I can think of to describe “beautiful.”

Garrett Kat – “Breathe It In” (Ft. Julia Stone)

Beautiful and melancholic, this song is everything, wonderful and sad. The video is gorgeous, from choreography and concept, but the real star is the vocals here. Garrett and Julia’s voices lend so well to each other and the blending is seamless and angelic. Love the banjo additions later in the song, as it’s unexpected and so well done.

Jagwar Twin – “Shine (Live in Studio”)

This was so unbelievably fun to watch! Vocally, he’s smooth, vivacious, and the song is ear-worm personified. The overall experience is truly wonderful. The lyrics are positive and encouraging, the mix of genre/sounds are perfect, and the performance from all involved is so entertaining! What a new and loveable world we’ve been introduced to!

Rahm Squad- “Earthquake”

Fun, vibrant, and full of soul, this genre-bending beauty is chock full of interesting sounds. The horn instruments mixed with the rhythmic electric guitars are an excellent use of ability and care. I really enjoyed this song from start to finish. It was a breath of fresh air and now definitely on my radar!

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