How Much Should You Spend for Your Beginner Acoustic Guitar?

If you are looking to purchase your own guitar, the question that might be nagging your mind (and the reason why you are here) is how much money you should spend realistically. 

Now, there are so many guitars for sale out there, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. You also have to choose whether you want to start with an electric or acoustic guitar. 

Each option has its pros and cons. For instance, one of the advantages of an electric guitar is that it is easier to play because the strings are lighter. 

With that said, acoustic guitars will provide you with the necessary muscle memory, thereby giving you a solid foundation. After you learn the basics, you can then move on to more complicated and more expensive strings. 

Where Should You Take Your Lessons?

The next question is how do you learn to play? The crucial element of playing acoustic is the mindset. You must be interested in learning how to play one, and you must sustain this interest. 

Most people do not take formal lessons. They learn to play from their friends and families. The next option is to watch video tutorials on YouTube for free. That is the beauty of the Internet. It allows people who are willing to share their talents with virtual strangers. 

However, a formal lesson will also give you the background of how to read music. That is not something you can learn from guitar lessons on YouTube.

If you do take formal guitar lessons, it will cost you somewhere between $30 and $60 per hour, with the average at around $40. whereas even the more expensive paid online lessons will set you back far less. Something like Jamplay goes for around $20 a month and even less over the course of a year.

How Much Should You Invest in Your First Guitar?

Since it is your first guitar, it does not make sense to blow your budget. You can buy a decent guitar for less than $200. You can also buy an electric guitar between $200 and $800.

When you look around for guitars for sale, you need to know that size does matter. For instance, acoustic guitars with smaller bodies are more comfortable to play. You can also carry them around anywhere. Larger guitars, meanwhile, produce louder tone and volume.

Aesthetics also matter when you are looking for guitars for sale. Even if your intention in buying one is to learn, you do not want to carry an eyesore everywhere you go.  

You should probably steer clear of guitars less than $200. Sure, there are exceptions, but you are still trying to develop your musical ear. Imagine if you started your guitar journey in a lousy tone? 

Perfecting Your Skill

Once you have learned the basics, however, it is vital to have the right tool for you to practice your craft. That is the reason why the term “acoustic guitar” is prefaced with the word “beginner.” It is not meant to be your forever guitar. 

After you develop the skill to detect notes and tones, it is now the right time to move on to the more expensive brands. You will notice the difference in craftsmanship between a cheap brand and a luxurious brand. It all starts with the quality of the wood since it contributes to the resonance and voice as you strum the string. 

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