One last look back at 2019 through our Soundcloud Playlists – Indie rock, singer songwriter, folk, neoclassical, indie pop, and Americana

Folk Hidden Gems
-This playlist has some really wonderful folk tunes that vary from acoustic singer songwriters all the way to major full-band productions. We were happy to include Happy Coves “Borderlines” before it took off in popularity. We are equally delighted to feature tracks that are just picking up traction now such as The Heart Of’s “A Long December” and the down home style of SkyBells “Hike Up the Valley.” It’s a list that will put a lot of smiles on your face.

Indie Rock Hidden Gems
-We understand that indie rock means many things to many people. We can’t even agree on it within our own office! (Matt likes grungier rock than me, but I am all about some poppy rock hooks!) That said, this list saw some fascinating variety, including the rapid-rising “We Disappeared” by Human Barbie and the intriguing hit “Slow Down” by the 5:55. A recent addition, “Do it again” by Morningbird is winning my heart. Give the whole list a spin and shout us out on socials with your favorite.

2019 Indie Pop – Mega playlist for the year!
-Indie pop is such a fun genre. Whether you’re putting together a workout playlist (fitness resolutions – can I get an amen!?) or just want some jams that will get your blood pumping for the work day, indie pop is great! We watched “Way Out” by All the Rest take off this year. “I’d be lying” by Emma Elizabeth is one of those slower burn tracks that will creep right into your soul. We were also impressed by a few rising stars in Matt Sperrazza’s “Pittsburgh” done in a Ben Rector style. Tyler James Bellinger’s “Feel like home” sounds like a radio-ready single just waiting for the right A&R team to put it out there. The full list hits many subgenres and styles, all inspiring us toward something better.

The other lists we put together can be found here:

Singer Songwriter Hidden Gems
-A quick favorite is Zoe Brush – “Kites”

Neoclassical 2019
-A quick favorite is Gianluca Piancenza – “Circle”

Americana 2019
-A quick favorite is B. Wood – “Pretend”

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