Neoclassical for a relaxing, stay home day

Look, we’re not anti-Black Friday, but we do think it is better to stay home and shop for some of our favorite music on Amazon. If you’re looking for a sweet playlist of neoclassical music while you shop, try these:

Biba Dupont – “Bayou Says”
-I listened carefully for references to the Bayou and I’m not sure I heard them. That said, the track definitely soothes my soul in the midst of the holiday chaos. I appreciate the articulate lines that seem to roll right into each other. There’s very little repetition and the composition feels bright. I like it.

Allen Constantine – “Eyes Wide Shut”
-Constantine is an articulate composer. This style feels like it brings together many generations of writing. Something about it feels deep and even melancholic. It’s grasping at a sense of loss, I think. But maybe I’m projecting my own feelings here. What do others think? To me, the balance between the piano and the loneliness of the violin make for something exquisite.

Sarah Coponat – “Home”
-I always joke that there are too many songs with the name “Home.” Most of them are filled with silly cliches in trite lyrics, but with Coponat it’s the spirit of home in the notes. The composition is delightfully expressive. I love the positivity. As someone “grown” and making his own home with children, this is something I’d love for them to think of as home later in their lives. It’s bright, pure even, and delightfully engaging. I am going to be following Coponat’s music closely.

Jesse Brown – “Havana 2012”
-If you’ve been around my neoclassical columns for the past year or so, you’ve heard a lot of Jesse Brown. Press play here and you’ll understand why. He’s amazing. This song has conflict and depth in it. I always say that I appreciate his conversational composition style, but really that’s what captivates me. The lines are written like dialog and it always makes me wonder what is being said. There’s an implicit Latin flavor in this track that shows a wonderful creative exploration. I am in favor. I have liked some of his other compositions more on personal preference, but as for growth as a writer I think this one turns a new page (in a good way).

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