A family-style serving of Americana, folk, and country-flavored music for your feast

Aspen Jacobsen – “Little Arms”
-At first listen you might put Jacobsen in the “Taylor Swift” camp and honestly, you’d be right. She’s got that kind of pop power blended with sincere songwriting. People who dismiss Swift (and Jacobsen like her) are missing the remarkable feat that is making an enjoyable song with lyrics that don’t come across as cheesy. This is a blues song about not being enough for your partner. It’s as much BB King as Taylor Swift, which is what makes it such a good song.

Gabriel Burnbaum – “Blue Kentucky Mile”
-The last song I covered from Burnbaum was good, but I felt like he’s just going to be one of those artists that I cover everything. You can hear the authenticity just dripping from the guitar. Even the falsetto section on this track feels like it comes from a deeply expressive place. This is a hidden blues song about missing his love. But listen to that delicate lead electric guitar in there. Oh my word… it defies time period or genre. This is the bare expression of a genuine heart.

Nick Nash – “Bone Mountain”
-If you’re a fan of the ole slide guitar and an expressive lead vocal, click play on this bad boy. Nick Nash has contributed a chill Americana track that has a wonderfully balanced overall sound. It almost touches on gospel in some places, but seems to be more of a romantic tune. The mix of influences, though, is quite diverse and worth a listen.

Simon Alexander – “Fears”
-Acoustic folk music has an ability to sink into my spirit. This track from Simon Alexander does a nice job of discussing a difficult subject with beautiful sincerity. The overall mix is superbly done, conjuring comparisons with Bon Iver and similar genre-bending folk music. Alexander continues to produce outstanding music showing both versatility and depth.

Hartmann – “This time”
-Something about the polish on this track made me initially think it couldn’t be Americana, but the more I listened I was convinced. It’s a beautiful acoustic singer songwriter track that blends into folk quite nicely. Just because the production is clean and there’s no banjo doesn’t mean it can’t be Americana. It’s also a wonderfully hopeful tune about perseverance in the midst of trial. Give it a spin.

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