Five new rock tracks to liven up your week!

Little Dume – “As Always”
-The energy of this track is infectious. The track has a wonderful polish to it in the production. The lead vocal situates itself nicely in the mix as well. There’s not a direct comparison for other bands here, but I can’t help but feel like it’s a familiar sound. You could put this on a rock playlist for a lot of different styles in the past decade and it would fit right in. Consider adding it to your own rock playlists today.

The Mowglis – “Fighting with yourself”
-Hit those power chords, baby! The energy of the Mowglis will put a smile on the face of pop punk fans. I’m a big fan of the up tempo rock style that feels like something that I would have loved back in the mid 2000s. Once I get to the chorus, I can shout that “fighting with yourself” line like I’m on the edge of the stage screaming out over the crowd. It’s very energizing!

Vandalye – “The Ride”
-I definitely dig the acoustic-meets-rock sentiment of this track from Vandalye. We often tell alt bands that we’re looking for something “a bit more like Oasis.” Vandalye have somehow captured that basic essence in this track. I like that I can hear the lyrics in the mix but it still has the heart of a real rock album. It’s a bit like early Rolling Stones, too, if I’m honest. I appreciate that it goes down smooth but still hits like a genuine rock track in some places.

Proper Youth – “Off my mind”
-I contemplated saving this track for more of an Americana playlist, but I really like how this song hits as a rock song as well. The mix feels authentic. The lyrical root of the song – having someone stuck on your mind – is fascinating and meaningful. It’s something we can all relate to, so it makes for the perfect hit rock song. The harmonies are subtle enough to shine through while the folk rock instrumentation feels appropriate.

Mt Joy – “Every Holiday”
-I told my co-editor Matt that I think this is a modern classic. Imagine if Jackson Browne sat down in 2019 to write a song about his frustrations with modern holiday traditions. That’s what “Every Holiday” sounds like to me. It’s such an easy going tune but the lyrics cut like a scalpel. Who sings songs about depression around the holidays? These guys. If you’re not wise to Mt Joy, consider this track your wakeup call. They’re one of the most promising folk rock bands making music right now. (Those horns… my heart)

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