An endearing mix of new music from indie pop, singer songwriters, and more

The Tourist Compnay – “Til We Disappear”
-My favorite thing about this track is the vocal harmonies. The open, airy feeling of the guitar work really sets up the message of the track. The entire piece blends together with some nostalgic 70s retroglo vibes. I’m definitely interested in the development of this sound.

The Como Brothers – “I see something”
-I really like this song. Like on a basic human level, this song makes me think of my wife. But on a musical level, I love that this song has a certain Bill Withers kind of charm to it. I appreciate that even though it’s brand new it sounds like a classic. It’s great when artists are able to capture that nostalgia without feeling like they are copying. This is a wonderful song that you will swear was on the top of the charts in 1974.

Daniel Del Russo – “Starting to feel”
-Daniel Del Russo is new to ETTG, but I have a distinct impression that he’ll be featured here more in the future. There’s an absolutely endearing quality to this song. It feels comfortable musically, allowing the lyrics to take center stage. The backing vocals really fill out the song for something that seems like it could be on a commercial or a TV show, but definitely stands on its own in the indie pop scene.

The Talbott Brothers – “Without a doubt”
-When I approved this song, it hit me pretty hard. Then when I sat down to write about the song, it hit me harder all over again. These confessional lyrics are so deeply personal I can’t even believe it. The blending of family and personal reflection reminds me of some bright combination of the Avett Brothers and NeedToBreathe writing styles. The sound is stripped down, emotional acoustic work. But the message… whew… the message defies genre. This is powerful stuff.

Andrew Beck – “Anyways”
-I’m not a musicologist, so I don’t know how to explain why I love the chromatic chord changes of this song… but I just DO. Beck’s expressive lyric style is good, too. I like the melody, the beat, the tone on the guitar, and the the balance of the track. Then there’s a even a saucy guitar solo in the middle of the song… c’mon now. Do they make them better than this!? I am a fan. Keep them coming, Mr Beck!

Motherfolk – “Fine with it”
-The up tempo rock style here is catchy for sure. There’s a complex lyrical quality to this song that goes down really smooth, despite being super difficult. My favorite part is the way the vocals crash together on the chorus. Then the guitars do this modulation thing before the next verse… and I’m totally sonically lost as to what they are doing but I love it so much. This is a “get out there on the dance floor and forget that time exists” kind of song. But if you’re listening to it carefully, it’s got some thought-provoking lyrics too. I dig the combination!

Evan Castle and the Southern Tier – “Drunk as hell”
-This song plods along with a sadness that seeps through the pores of every line. It feels like classic country, with its attention to drink but also to authentic emotion. In so many songs there’s a celebratory element to drinking, but with this one it’s about the depressive nature of alcohol. This is the story of alcohol that kills people. It’s tragic. It’s worth a listen.

Tayla Young – “With the fire”
-This is an amazing song. Don’t let this one slip by if you are scrolling. Tayla Young is an immensely talented songwriter. The stripped down elements feel like something from early career Madonna and the chorus soars like a Maggie Rogers modern pop tune. The mix is something that soothes my soul. The track is immaculately produced, which keeps me coming back for more listens.

David Nevory – “Main Street’s Lullaby”
-Nevory is an incredible singer songwriter. We’ve covered a few of his tunes now because they have a wonderful rich quality to them. Nevory’s songwriting feels like a combination of folk rock and what people call Americana. This track could hang with Jason Isbell’s songwriting – and that’s about the highest praise I can give to an artist in this category. I really like this track and am considering the full EP for review. He’s got talent.

The Pairs – “Did I”
-This band describe themselves as “alt folk pop” and I find that oddly satisfying. I don’t typically approve of “alt” and “pop” in the same term, but in this case The Pairs have the unconventional chord structure and beat of an alt folk track, yet bring these glorious harmonies of a folk pop group. So, the gavel is down, I approve! Not only of the terminology, but I also approve of this remarkably innovative and moving vocal harmony-rooted folk sound.

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