Three neoclassical pieces to help you study for midterms

Kendra Logozar – “Suspend”
-One of my favorite things about neoclassical is that the song tells its own story. This peaceful track from Logozar has long, expressive lines that feel almost like monologues from eager characters. Something about this one feels like a great adventure. It’s why I think it’s brilliant for studying; the piano almost teases out the depths of your mind. Use this to prepare for exams or meditation and I guarantee you will feel enriched.

Jamie Alexander Smith – “Nocturne in C Sharp Minor”
-This piece stirs my heart. Rather than the slow, contemplative style of much neoclassical music, Smith’s style is much faster moving. The rolling sixteenth notes (I think?) give the song a lively energy that rolls from idea to idea. I don’t know that it will give every listener the same image in their mind, but I find that it immediately awakens my imagination. It’s a beautiful use of the piano and a soulfully expressive neoclassical piece.

Michael Logozar – “Drift”
-Michael Logozar is a talented composer with the ability to write lines that feel like dialog. I know I’ve said this about other artists in the past, but with Logozar’s composition it really feels like two people talking to one another. I love the dramatic pauses, the nearly audible sighs, and I can’t help but wonder the topic of conversation. Is it drift between two lovers? Is it that time of life when things just seem so overwhelming that you’re not sure what to do? Or is it an easy drift down a stream? Is it meant to be a reflection on relaxation? You decide, dear listener.

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