A new music mix for the musically curious

Jordan Lindley – “Over Me”
-It would be easy to view Lindley as another “singer songwriter,” but with one listen of this song you’ll hear that there’s something special here. Not “just another” of anything. Lindley brings a poetic, articulate sense to the lyrical style. Can you feel that rhythmic charm in the lyrics? It’s not just that they paint a beautifully tragic picture (like they do), but they feel so comforting in what is essentially a sad message. This is art.

Boy and Bear – “Telescope”
-Indie rock can be so saturated as a genre, but Boy and Bear step out with a bold track on “Telescope.” Everything from the polished guitars to the thoughtful lyrics work makes the track worth your time. What I love most is that the song doesn’t “sound like” anyone. This is what I mean when I give the feedback to be original yet not insane. This is recognizably rock, yet feels fresh and new. I dig it.

Theaterkids – “Pratfall”
-I appreciate the up tempo style here. The overall vibe of the song is like a collective of 60s and 70s sounds. The lead vocal does a nice job of cutting through the backing track. Something about the nostalgic content makes me think some of our older readers will like this one a bit more than me, but I still thought it was a quality track and worth a feature.

Caleb Kopta – “Wanderer”
-I think the easy comparison for Kopta is Ryan Adams. But even if we don’t “go there” with Kopta, his artistry stands on its own. The atmospheric electric guitar work creates a wonderful bed for the strong lead vocal to sit atop. The full composition is quintessentially American rock singer songwriter. Fans in the long legacy of Springsteen and similar artists will be right at home listening to Kopta’s writing.

Go Go Berlin – “Go On (Forever)”
-I definitely dig the energy of this track. It has a little bit of throwback charm at times, but overall it feels fresh and crispy. The production value on this one is outstanding. The lead vocal once you get to the chorus goes from good to great. It’s incredibly hard to make a vocal soar like it does on this track. It almost feels like a perfect anthem for that mid-life feel of reminiscing on a lot of the past, but feeling like there’s still a lot left to do. Let’s keep going!

Samuel Romero – “Heartstrings”
-Romero’s vocal feels almost prayerful on this track. The atmospheric vibe of the backing track works perfect for creating a mood of solemnity on this track. The overall energy is infectious. You find yourself “leaning in” to listen a bit more closely. It’s folk, sure, but it’s also got this magnetism to it that seems to transcend genre and style. It’s beautiful.

Mariska Martina – “Love isn’t enough”
-This song feels like it was written for a romantic movie. She’s an edgy main character, just unpredictable enough to keep the handsome leading man on his toes. But deep down inside she just wants to be loved, but by the end of the film she learns that love should come from herself and not from anyone else (even if he is Bradley Cooper… EEK!). It’s poppy, energetic, hopeful, and full of sweet chord structures and a feel good style. But her point is well taken – life is more than just romantic relationships, certainly.

May Erlewine – “Whole Again”
-I hear so much soul in this track. It’s got a considerable element of gospel music in it from the piano to the backing chorus. The sadness in the lyrics are reflective of religiosity and the strictures of certain parts of society. I’d love to see this track really take off and be explored by many more audiences. It’s critical of society with a form that is palatable to multiple generations; share it with everyone you can.

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