Exploring various styles within acoustic music in September 2019

Tiz McNamara – “Days Like These”
-Songs like this make me feel something deep inside that I can’t really explain. I guess it’s the honest lyrics meeting sincere songwriting. The expressive style defies easy genre and falls within this amorphous “singer songwriter” realm. But what makes the song so impactful is that it feels like deeply personal poetry. Being in a good life stage myself right now, I can feel the sentiment of the song on an existential level. I’d give anything for days like these.

Jason Piquette – “Moth and Rust”
-When it comes to acoustic singer songwriters, it can be really difficult to stand out from the crowd. The whispered vocal style from Piquette reminds me a bit of William Fitzsimmons or Iron and Wine. But that said, when you get to the raspy sincerity of the chorus, Piquette really stands out on his own. Fans of Joshua James are going to find a lot to like in Piquette’s style. This appears to be his only track out, so I’m eager to hear more.

Freedom Fry – “1983”
-Take a deep breath before you click play on this track. There’s something in the guts of this song that resonate with me more than your average jangly folk tune. I love the light, refreshing acoustic mix here. But I can’t quite figure out what’s in the lyrics that feels so powerful for me; maybe it’s because I was born in ’83 and the song feels like a sitcom theme song or something from that era. “Just know that you are always on my mind.” Let’s just say nostalgia hits in strange ways; this track does it for me.

Kane Incognito – “Sing It Out Loud”
-Moving away from the happy chords a bit, Kane Incognito brings us a minor key, melancholy anthem. It’s powerful in a Goo Goo Dolls sort of way. The energy of the track plods along perfectly, with a brokenhearted sincerity. It’s lyrically a blues song, expressing the difficulties of life on the road as a musician. It’s an emotional track well worth listening.

Harrison Storm – “Falling Down”
-Harrison Storm is a pretty big name in the acoustic singer songwriter world. We came across his music earlier this year and now seem to be finding him everywhere. This latest release is featuring the attached video. It’s got a lot of raw emotion on the vocals, especially the chorus. The lyrics seem a bit open to the listener, but are rapped up in the complexities of a broken relationship.

Hollow Coves – “Borderlines”
-You might listen to a dozen songs on the radio before you hear something more “radio ready” than this track. The crystal clear mix is endearing. The vocal harmonies are absolutely stunning. It’s the kind of production that demands your attention. I love how easy it is to hear and understand the lyrics about going on an adventure together. It’s a beautiful “let’s run away and be together” message. It would be perfect for a film soundtrack.

David Nevory – “Lay it all down”
-Please, please listen to this song. If you are scrolling stop scrolling and click play. If you don’t know David Nevory yet, please get to know him. This song is like Passenger meets… I don’t even know… Bon Iver? It’s remarkable is what it is. The expressive sense of sacrifice and devotion in this song is so soulfully enriching you won’t know what to do with it. The quality is breathtaking.

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