Neoclassical music for your late summer relaxation

Gianluca Piacenza – “Sometimes”
-I have to be honest the sound of the pedals and the “room” makes this a truly unique recording. I actually find it earthy and engaging myself. Something about Piacenza’s melody here just speaks to my soul. It’s thoughtful and phrased perfectly. The amount of light space between some notes allows my mind to wander in the most wonderful way. This is a real gem of a piano piece.

Ahren Merz – “Summit”
-If you blend the majestic power of nature with the relative calm of human creativity, you get something special. Ahren’s infusion of storm sounds give it an engaging aesthetic. I typically don’t like these types of samples blended together, but Ahren Merz does it in a way that I find intriguing here. The overall composition is peaceful yet won’t let you go to sleep. It stimulates the mind and engages something that feels almost supernatural. There’s power in this recording.

William Ogmundson – “Preludes Book I, L. 117: VII. la fille aux Cheveux de lin” by Debussy
-This is more a classical piece than a neoclassical piece, but it’s still beautiful. Ogmundson’s playing continues to amaze us. The phrasing of the piece feels comfortable and engaging, but there’s not a lot of repetition. It’s perfect for these late summer days contemplating the coming season.

Thomas E Rouch – “Alone in a Crowd”
-This… is breathtaking neoclassical music. I am stunned by the way that Rouch is able to connect the lines of this piece. The repetitions are mesmerizing. Then when each new phrase begins, the song seems to go in a new direction. It actually moves me in my soul to listen to this kind of evocative string music. Rouch has tapped into something transcendent here; it’s not a jolly singalong song. It’s a musical piece that comes from within. I adore it.

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