Five singer songwriters that deserve a spot in your playlist rotation

Oskar Nordbo – “Chased Down by Your Thoughts”
-I told a few friends that Nordbo sounds like Greg Holden meets Oasis. I’m pretty happy with that initial reaction to the music, honestly. Then another friend chimed in about the Chris Hemsworth good looks. Does this guy have it all or what? It’s a good pop song that is absolutely deserving of massive coverage. I added it to my watch list for end of year songs. I like it that much. The pop rock sensibility, easy going drum beat, and happy chords work really well.

B Knox – “Corners”
-I really like the way this guy sings. I can’t really put my finger on who he sounds like, but his voice is really good. Knox has this smooth delivery with some believable lyrics. It’s a bit blues, a dash rock, and an overall feeling of “been there.” Fulfilling that elusive Isbell vein of Americana, I am super excited to follow where Knox goes from here. I’ll listen to 1000 Americana demos before I hear another one this good.

Fulton Lee – “Call You Mine”
-This is a magically good song. Take what you used to love about bands like the Mamas and the Papas or the Monkees. Now add in a dash of modern energy (and recording prowess). That’s what you get with Fulton Lee. It’s so hard to make a pop song that doesn’t feel trite, but Fulton Lee hits this one out of the park. I can’t help but dance during the verses and sing my lungs out with Lee on the chorus. This should/could be a MASSIVE hit.

EG Vines – “Drunkard’s Dream”
-The poetry of songwriting is not something that everyone can do. When I find someone with a knack for a good turn of phrase like EG Vines, I have to learn more. Vines brings with him a lot of life experience. That brings a substantial dose of truth to his songwriting. Even though the song is right on the country/Americana line, he definitely tells a story that’s as folk as any you’ll hear. It’s dripping with sincerity and worth your time for a listen.

Raymond Revel – “Into the Light”
-If the opening harmonies of this track don’t give you chills, I’m not sure we can be friends. Seriously this track is an absolute stunner. I’m not sure I have much to say about it personally. I love the lyrics here, “you’re bound to get lost when you follow your heart.” It’s really a delightful song, both in the vocals as well as the light and beautiful overall style. Put it this way – I liked it so much I shared it with my personal social media. It’s wonderful.

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