Featuring new neoclassical album by Thomas Hewitt Jones

Thomas Hewitt Jones got our attention some months ago with his thoughtful, cinematic composition style. After thumbing through some of the tracks on his newest album Electro Cello, we couldn’t help but be impressed by several. Here are a few I’d like you to focus on enjoying:

“Retrospectives” makes me feel something deep in my soul. I guess it’s the way the cello and the piano converse with one another here. The feeling is nostalgic. It works really well. Something about it draws me into the piece and out of the rush of life.

I also found myself drawn to the dynamic energy of “Reaching Up.” As a father of small children, I know what that is like when kids “reach up” for love. I think that might be what inspired this piece. Even though it dips into some dark tones, I think it captures the tensions of both existential or spiritual “reaching up” as well as the more earthly dimensions of it. I like the way the piano rolls from phrase to phrase, allowing the cello to speak as the primary voice here. It’s beautiful.

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