Singer songwriters in the vein of Jackson Browne

Gideon Brown – “Lose My Way”
-Brown’s style is reminscent of the 60s, bringing an energy that we rarely hear these days. The thoughtful, introspective lyrics feel familiar. The overall piece is delightfully unique compared to so much of the new music out today. Brown’s vocal holds legitimacy, giving texture to his meaningful lyrics.

Gideon Brown – “Angry Men”
-We rarely cover multiple tracks from the same artist, so when we do you know there’s a reason. The piano root of this track stood out like a Jackson Browne track right away. I appreciate Brown’s contemplative style. The music speaks for itself, but Brown is a rising songwriter out of the Berkelee School of Music. We look forward to hearing him evolve as a songwriter in the coming days.

Crowes Pasture – “I need you”
-You can almost hear Browne and Carly Simon singing a song like this back in the day. It’s romantic and sweet with just the right amount of folk energy. It feels like something that would have been right at home during the 60s free love era. There’s a sweetness to the harmony that these two voices have. It’s the perfect track for a nice little coffeeshop playlist. Add it and surprise your friends with something new.

The MacQueens – “The Seeker”
-If you are looking for big studio production on a male-female folk duo, look no further than the MacQueens. I can’t help but be drawn into this composition. Something about the energy of it feels like a musical piece meeting rock n’ roll, like something Andrew Lloyd Weber would have written. That said, it fits with the folk-rock energy that Jackson Browne produced so it fits on this list as well.

Abraham Alexander – “Stay”
-One of my favorite things about running a music blog is finding people like Abraham Alexander. Before I clicked on this track I had never heard of this guy. He immediately reminded me of another favorite, Ben Abraham. The softness in the vocal is wonderful. The soulful folk style here really speaks to me personally and seems like a perfect fit for the kind of authenticity we support at ETTG. The bluesy folk vibe is a perfect reflection of Jackson Browne’s career ethos.

Tilly Dent – “Judy’s Lodestar”
-Tilly Dent knocked my socks off a few weeks ago, so I was thrilled to receive another track from him. And WOWzers does this one hit also. The comparison to the Beatles is almost too easy to make here. But the mood of Dent’s writing absolutely fits the era of Jackson Browne as well. I like the enigmatic lyrics that make the listener connect at times, but then feel a bit unsettled for relating. Dent’s use of intricate melody lines and infectiously good harmonies are perfectly indicative of the heyday of 60s folk singer songwriters like Browne.

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