A new music playlist to discover the next big star in 2019

Skyler Stonestreet – “Everything it wasn’t”
-If you’re a fan of the electro pop mood in music right now, Skyler Stonestreet’s sound fits really well. The energy is infectious. The lyrics a antagonistic in some ways, but they reflect the process of revising your own memories. People do this sort of thing all the time. I wasn’t expecting such dripping sarcasm, but the song goes down smooth.

Scotch and Water – “Moving On”
-When it comes to pop rock music, there are a million different ways to take it. When we first heard German rock band Scotch and Water, we were pleasantly surprised. The longer we listened to the track, the more we liked it. The lead vocal is extremely crisp. The guitar work provides a beautiful base for the quality vocal to cut through the sound. This is a definite promising, rising band. I could listen to this kind of Fleetwood Mac vibe rock music for hours.

The Brookes – “Spaceship Rodeo”
-This up tempo rock track really takes off. Give it a chance! I think it’s got some really phenomenal guitar work. Then when the lead vocal joins, you can hear that this is a band with some real promise. The lyrics are quizzically fascinating, with a real sense of philosophical meaning. I like that it has that big arena feel to it but packs a message worth exploring.

Wild Rivers – “I do”
-Sometimes folk pop music just feels right. This duo have a male and female voice mix that reminds me of Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz from some years back. I LOVED them together. Anything close to that will get my attention. Wild Rivers bring a real Americana energy to the way they sing folk pop music. I like the feel good vibe that they have for sure. It’s an intensity that also feels like you’re hanging out with your best friends, too.

Edwin – “Lucky Penny”
-If you like your rock music with a vintage tinge to it, check out this track from Edwin. I adore the filter on the guitars here. The overall vibe feels like it came straight from the 60s. The vocal feels sincere and the chord progression is timeless. This is a really interesting style that you’ll have a hard time believing really came out in 2019. But it did! Share it with your friends and family!

Emu Parade – “Wait and see”
-Something about this song reminds me of listening to the Oldies station in my dad’s garage about 30 years ago. There’s a timeless energy to the composition that really resonates with me. Not only that, the lyrics invite a bit of introspection. The overall mood of the track is so easy to listen to. I’d definitely like to spend more time with this emerging band Emu Parade.

Wildlife – “Euphoria”
-This track puts a smile on my face. The raw energy here is infectious. I mean I would say it has feel good vibes, but that’s pretty evident from the song title. But the band did a great job of matching the mood of the track to the title and lyrics. I appreciate how up tempo it is, how the major chords fill the air, and the overall vibe is so positive. I am definitely putting Wildlife on my list of indie rock bands to watch in 2019!

Photo credit: Wildlife Band Instagram

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